Tutte e 178 le sessioni e lab del prossimo WWDC 2009

13/05/2009 07:00 CET

di Fabio M. Zambelli

00000a_fotonews001I temi fondamentali saranno l'OS 3 dell'iPhone/iPod touch e l'OS 10.6 del Mac OS X Snow Leopard. A raccolta tutti gli sviluppatori ADC, che hanno esaurito da un pezzo tutti i posti disponibili nel Moscone Center West.
Si è completata la lista delle sessioni e laboratori ai quali, al prossimo WWDC di San Francisco (8-12 giugno), gli sviluppatori registrati potranno assistere, le prime 80 erano state pubblicate in aprile, eccole tutte e 178.


Accessing the iPod Library
Address Book for iPhone Lab
Apple Push Notification Lab
Apple Push Notification Service
Audio Development for iPhone OS
Core Location Lab
Creating iPhone Apps that Communicate with Accessories
Creating iPhone Apps that Communicate with Accessories Lab
Cut, Copy, and Paste on iPhone
Displaying Web Content in iPhone Applications
Effective iPhone App Architecture
Embedding Maps in iPhone Applications
Finding Your Place with Core Location
Game Development for iPhone Lab
Game Development for iPhone, Part 1
Game Development for iPhone, Part 2
Game Kit Lab
Getting Started with Graphics for iPhone
In-App Purchase on iPhone
Introduction to Core Data on iPhone
Introduction to iPhone Development Tools
iPhone Application Design Using Interface Builder
iPhone Events and Gestures Lab
iPhone In-App Purchase Lab
iPhone Interface Design Consulting Lab
iPhone OS Networking
iPhone Performance Optimization with Instruments
iPhone Table Views and Scroll Views Lab Lab
iPhone User Interface Design Prototyping
iPhone View Controller Techniques
iPhone View Controllers Lab
iPhone Views and Animations
iPhone Web Applications from Start to Finish
iPhone Web Applications Lab
iPod Library Access Lab Lab
Managing the iPhone Development Process
Mastering iPhone Scroll Views
OpenGL ES Lab
OpenGL ES Overview for iPhone OS
OpenGL ES Tuning & Techniques
Optimizing Performance on iPhone
Peer to Peer Networking with Game Kit
Perfecting Your iPhone Table Views
Processing Multi-Touch Events on iPhone
Understanding Memory Management on iPhone
User Interface Design for iPhone Apps
What's New in Cocoa Touch


In-House App Development for iPhone
Integrating iPhone into the Enterprise
iPhone Configuration Creation and Deployment
iPhone Configuration Profiles Creation and Deployment Lab
iPhone OS Security Lab Lab
iPhone Security Best Practices


Adding Innovative Styling and Animation to Webpages with CSS Effects
Audio Lab
Audio Processing and Playback
Building Localized Mac and iPhone Applications
Compiler Overview
Core Animation Lab
CSS Effects Lab
Customizing Xcode for Your Development Workflow
Getting Started with Interface Builder
Graphics & Media Beginner's Lab
Graphics and Media State of the Union
HTTP Live Streaming Introduction
HTTP Live Streaming Lab
Introduction to Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Development with Xcode
Introduction to Objective-C
Local Data Storage and Offline Web Applications for Safari
Local Data Storage and Offline Web Applications Lab
Media Playback in Web Applications Lab
Networking Lab
Performance Tuning with Shark on Mac and iPhone
Quartz 2D Lab
Safari Open Lab
Sophisticated Media Playback and Animation Through Open Web Standards
State of the Art Cocoa: Application Design
What's New in Core Data
Zero Configuration Networking Using Bonjour


Calendaring Solutions in Snow Leopard Server, Snow Leopard, and iPhone
Contact Management with Snow Leopard Server, Snow Leopard, and iPhone
Creating Secure iPhone and Mac OS X Applications
Deploying Mobile Access Server
Mac OS X Server State of the Union
Podcast Producer Lab
Safari and WebKit Overview
Secure Access with 802.1X
What's New for Podcast Producer 2
What's New for Wiki Server 2


Apple Remote Desktop Lab
Deploying Podcast Producer
Directory Services Lab
iTunes U Integration and Workflow Lab
Leopard Server Performance Lab
Moving to Snow Leopard Server
Performance Tuning for Mac OS X Server
Podcast Composer In-Depth
Scripting for Sys Admins
Snow Leopard Server Setup: Under the Hood
System Management with Apple Remote Desktop
What's New in Directory Services
Xsan 2 and Storage Area Networks Lab
Xsan Configuration, Optimization, and Integration Best Practices


64-Bit Compatibility Lab for Internet Plug-Ins
64-bit Kernel Lab
Address Book for Mac Lab
Advanced Accessibility: Best Practices and New APIs in Snow Leopard
Advanced Debugging and Performance Analysis
Apple Help Lab
Application Scripting and Automation Lab
Assigning Your Application an Identity with Code Signing
Building Compatible Websites Using Emerging Web Technologies
Cocoa Open Lab
Cocoa Tips and Tricks
Color Management for Snow Leopard
Color Management Lab
Concurrent Programming in Cocoa Session Mac
Core Image Lab
Creating I/O Kit Drivers for Multiple Architectures and OS Versions
Dashboard Widget Lab
Designing USB Audio Class Devices for Mac OS X
Designing Your Cocoa Application for Concurrency
Enabling Your Mac Applications for Assistive Technologies
Harnessing the Power of OpenCL
iCal and Calendar Store Lab
iChat Lab
Image Capture Lab
Image I/O Lab
Image Kit Lab
Image Processing and Effects with Core Image
Introduction to OpenCL
Java on Mac OS X Lab
Java SE 6 on Snow Leopard
Leveraging Web Content in Native Applications with WebKit
Mac OS X Accessibility Lab
Mac OS X File Systems Lab
Mac OS X Installer and PackageMaker Lab
Mac OS X Interface Design Consulting Lab
Mac OS X Security Lab
Mac Programming for iPhone Developers
Managing Kernel Extensions
Managing User Privileges and Operations with Authorization Services
Migrating Your Application to Grand Central Dispatch
NSImage in Snow Leopard Session Mac
Objective-C and Garbage Collection Advancements Session Mac
OpenCL Lab
OpenGL for the Mac Lab
Pasteboards, Services, and Interoperability on Mac
PDF Kit Lab
Presenting User Data with Table Views and Browsers
Printing Lab
Programming with Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch
QTKit Lab
Quartz Composer Advances in Snow Leopard
Quartz Composer Lab
QuickTime X Lab
Rapid Development with Safari's Integrated Developer Tools
Speech Technologies Lab
Spotlight for Snow Leopard Lab
State of the Art Cocoa: User Interface Design
Sync Services Lab
Text Processing in Cocoa
Text-to-Speech: Adventures with Alex
Transitioning to QuickTime X
Understanding Grand Central Dispatch in Depth
USB and FireWire Lab
USB, FireWire, and Bluetooth Lab
User Events in Cocoa
WebKit Lab
What's New in Cocoa
What's New in Instruments


Adding Authentication, Authorization, and Access Controls with the Open Directory Framework
Client Management Lab
Mac OS X System Administration Lab
Managing Home Directories with Mac OS X Server
Managing Processes with launchd
System Image Creation and Deployment with Snow Leopard Server
Using Services in Snow Leopard for Scripting IT Tasks

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